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Quran Learning Academy for kids & Adults

Learning Quran online from itself is a difficult task. You need an expert or certified Quran tutor to learn from. Our academy is teaching the Quran online to thousands of students around the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and around the west. We have a team of Native-Arab and Non-Arab [Male-Female] Quran teachers with 8+ years of experience to learn from.

The best thing ever the parents give to their kids is to teach them the Holy Book of Allah [The Quran]. To make them successful in this life and in the next. If you’re looking for online Quran academy then you’re at the right place to enroll your kids or yourself to learn the Quran online. We offer all the courses at the best cost like we charge only 10$ per month from each students. Also, we have our own online portal for our students and teachers to monitor their progress. Separate Quran teacher and classes for each student. Female students can learn from female Arab and non-Arab Quran tutors, and male from male Quran tutors. Our Quran academy also offer a week free trail classes for the students. You can interview many teachers and choose the one that you want to learn the Quran from. If you have any other question in your mind please feel free to contact with us.

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  • Dedicated Teacher for each Student
  • One-on-One Quran Classes
  • Our own Learning Quran Portal
  • We charge the best cost
  • Learn at your comfort
  • Arab & Non-Arab Quran Teachers

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We Offer

Our online Quran Academy offers the Basic Quran Reading courses, Tajweed Quran Course, Quran Memorization course, Noorani Qaida, and Quran the Quran course. We not only offer online Quran courses for kids but alike for adults male and female as well.

Basic Quran Reading

The Basic Quran Reading course is designed for kids and adults to learn from the basics.

Quran With Tajweed

Learn Quran with Tajweed from the experienced and qualified Quran teachers.

Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization course offer for kids and Adults both kids, male, and female.

Understand Quran

Understand the Quran from native Arab and Non-Arab online Quran teachers.

Online Quran Courses

Basic Quran Reading

Quran With Tajweed

Quran Memorization

Quran Understanding


Our Happy Customers!

Read the parent’s and students’ reviews about our Quran Academy and Quran teachers.

I have learned the Quran online and now also enrolled my kids to understand the Quran. I must say thank you to my Quran teachers.

Ahmed Abdali

One of the best online Quran academies of females to learn with. I have learned the basic Quran reading with the Arab female teachers.

Sara Rasheed

Recommended to all the parents to enroll their kids, the best thing that I have noticed the teacher’s dedications for the students.

Hamza Ali

Our Qualified Teacher

Hosam Tolan

Husna Bibi

Molana Junaid Iqbal

Muhammad Ajmal